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Deja | 15 | Sagittarius | Horror | Welcome to my home sweet hole |
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Is just another brick in the wall.
It doesn’t change
unless you change,
It doesn’t stop unless you stop.
No one really cares about anything unless there’s something in it for them.
I feel trapped I feel useless i feel ugly I feel worthless.
I’m alone in this world and there’s no one compatible to the fears that I face at night. No one who understands or cares. I am unlovable.
Love nor sleep can fix this eternal drift.
The only peace is knowing that 6 feet under I shall return to my eternal slumber.
For the last time And for the last thought
I’m done with happiness and I’m done with sadness. There is nothing for me here There never was. I don’t love me and neither does he. I’m dead inside and they know it to. My exterior is disgusting and so is my soul. I’m tired of this weeping so I’ll go back to my hole.

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